Birds of Tiengemeten island

This is a Dutch film about Tiengemeten.

1 July 2011.

Dutch conservation organisation Natuurmonumenten has provisional results of nesting birds counts on Tiengemeten island this spring.

This year, several species nested on Tiengemeten for the first time, including several barnacle goose couples. Exact figures will be published when final results will be known.

Translated from the report:

In 2008, the most abundant breeding birds on the island were Greylag Goose (612 nesting territories), Coot (304), Sedge Warbler (246), Reed Bunting (163), Reed Warbler (159), Marsh Warbler (151), Willow Warbler (136), Avocet (125 ), Lapwing (117) and Mallard (102).

Some of the rare species recorded: Garganey (11 territories), Water Rail (4), Spotted Crake [see also here] (3), Corncrake (1), Black-winged Stilt (4), Mediterranean Gull (1), Little Tern (1), Cetti’s Warbler (1).

In 2008, nine house sparrow couples were recorded. As the island is changing from agricultural area to nature reserve, this species is decreasing. Not a single house sparrow was seen in 2011. However, the tree sparrow numbers do not seem to change.

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