Goosander and scaup

This 29 July 2016 video is about ruddy shelducks at the Dutch Kreupel island.

On my way to the railway station this morning, 12 March 2011, nuthatch and great spotted woodpecker sound.

In the train before Purmerend, many wigeon in ditches. Grey lag geese, an oystercatcher.

In Enkhuizen harbour: great crested grebes courting. Coots. A grey heron flying.

As our ship leaves, great cormorants and tufted ducks.

A male common goldeneye. A male and a female goosander.

At the Enkhuizerzand, two Canada geese. Great cormorants drying their wings.

Scores of wigeon. Male and female goosander.


A male and a female goldeneye.

As our ship nears the Kreupel island, groups of hundreds of scaup ducks.


At the Kreupel island: Egyptian geese, shelducks, common pochards.

A peregrine falcon sits on the pole next to the small wood building on the island.

Summer 2017 birdwatching ship excursions from Enkhuizen and Lelystad: here.

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