German, US secret services helped nazi Eichmann

This video is about Karl Adolf Eichmann on trial in Israel.

Another video used to say about itself:

Karl Adolf Eichmann, often referred to as “the architect of the Holocaust”, was a high-ranking Nazi. He was charged by Reinhard Heydrich with the task of facilitating and managing the logistics of mass deportation of Jews to ghettos and extermination camps in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe.

8 January 2011.

Translated from ORF radio in Austria:

German intelligence knew ever since 1952 where Eichmann was hiding

Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, who was captured in 1960 by Israeli agents in Argentina, apparently might have been arrested much earlier than that. Since 1952 the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND), then called Gehlen organization, knew where Eichmann was hiding.

That Reinhard Gehlen, who had been a spy for Hitler’s Third Reich, was chosen as boss for West Germany’s new secret service was a blot on the supposedly squeaky clean new democratic character of the new West German government.

One of Gehlen’s Cold War subordinates was Erich Deppner, who, as an officer of the SS, had murdered anti-nazis in the occupied Netherlands and had sent Jews to Auschwitz.

This is clear, according to the [German] “Bild “-Zeitung (Saturday edition) from BND documents submitted to the daily.

A BND file card says, “SS Standartenführer [colonel] EICHMANN is not in Egypt, but lives under the alias CLEMENS in Argentina. The editor of the German newspaper in Argentina, Der Weg [The Way] knows the address of E. ” This entry is from the year 1952. Actually Eichmann, who was sentenced to death in Jerusalem in 1961, hid under the false name Ricardo Klement in Argentina.

“Tab is sensational”

The historian Bettina Stangneth, a researcher for six years for a new book about Eichmann to be published in April, told the newspaper: “This tab is really a sensation. That West German intelligence knew eight years before Eichmann’s arrest where he was hiding was unknown. ”

In 2006, the CIA released documents, according to which the BND informed a U.S. agent in 1958 in a conversation that Eichmann had fled to Argentina.

And the CIA proceeded to do nothing about the criminal Eichmann. As during the Cold War they considered nazis, no matter how criminal, not to be the enemy. Their enemy were communists, no matter how un-criminal.

See also here.


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