Iraq war illegal, British deputy PM repeats

This video from Parliament in London, England says about itself:

Nick Clegg during the PMQ’s on 21st July [2010] whilst standing in for David Cameron … calls the Iraq War Illegal…. Well done Nick for saying what many of us think.

From British daily The Independent:

Iraq war was illegal, repeats Clegg

By David Hughes, Press Association

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today restated his view that the Iraq War was illegal, saying: “I don’t think the legality of that invasion has been proven.”

Mr Clegg stressed it was his personal opinion and said the Government did not have a view on the legality of the war.

Apart from questions over the legality of the conflict, Mr Clegg said the wisdom of the 2003 invasion “certainly hasn’t been proven at all”.

Mr Clegg voiced his strong opposition to the war last month as he stood in at the Commons despatch box for David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions.

His position was later disowned by Number 10, which stressed that the Liberal Democrat leader was articulating his “individual” view.

But today, as Mr Clegg was once more “holding the fort” for the holidaying Prime Minister, he repeated his views on the war.

During a public question and answer session in Newcastle Mr Clegg was asked on what basis he had decided the war was illegal.

Mr Clegg replied: “As I said at the time, and I’ll repeat again, that was my own personal view, it’s not the Government’s view.

“The Government doesn’t have a view about the legality of the war.”

But he continued: “You can turn it on its head – I don’t think the legality of that invasion has been proven. The wisdom of it certainly hasn’t been proven at all.

“I was then a staunch, staunch opponent of the decision to invade Iraq and I remain a staunch opponent of the decision to invade Iraq.”

If the view of the British government, especially its Conservative majority, now is that they don’t know whether the bloody Iraq war was illegal or not, then that is at least some, though not enough, of an improvement on the “new” Labour Blair and Brown administrations’ views on that war; and on the views of most 2003 British Conservative MP’s, who voted for the war.

Will Tony Blair be prosecuted for his Iraq war crimes? Here.


The US dodges obligation to help Iraqi women trafficked into sexual slavery: here.

Nick Clegg told by voter: ‘Get out of Lib-Con pact before it is too late’: here.

New Documents Released of 2007 Iraq Atrocity by Troops: here.

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