First ever northern waterthrush in the Netherlands

This is a northern waterthrush video from North America.

18 September 2010.

Today, on Vlieland island, the first ever northern waterthrush, first thought to be a female; but a male according to this later report, was seen in the Netherlands.

Probably, it got lost during its autumn migration from North America to Central or South America. Some enthusiastic birders today specially went by boat to Vlieland to see the newcomer. UPDATE: On Sunday, next day, over a 100 birders came with the first boat to Vlieland.

Vlieland waterthrush photos are here.

Update: the bird is gone now.

At the same spot on Vlieland, today also a Lapland bunting on its normal migration from northern Europe to the south.

And two chiffchaff. Their migration to northern Africa may have to start yet.

About the influx of Lapland Buntings in August and September: here.

5 thoughts on “First ever northern waterthrush in the Netherlands

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