English nazi terrorist plot

This video is called BNP Nick Griffin + KKK Terrorism.

11 June 2009.

When, in Oklahoma City in the USA, in 1995, a horrible explosion killed 168 people and injured over 800, the corporate media screamed: “Muslims! Muslims!”

Well … duh … until it turned out that the Oklahoma bombing was a Christian Right plot.

In our times, Fox News owned by Rupert Murdoch, and other Rightists claim that terrorists are all “Muslims! Muslims!” And they attack the Obama administration for stating the obvious: that there are Rightist white “Christian” terrorists in the USA. Like the so-called “Army of God“; the murderers of doctors who help women with abortions. Like white supremacists, who murder African American Holocaust Museum guards.

Racists in Britain also have a long history of terrorism. From blowing up synagogues in the 1960s till right now.

From Gabrielle Nejad, Research intern at the Centre for Social Cohesion in England:

White supremacist UK terror plot foiled

June 9, 2009 2:42 PM

A white supremacist plot, aimed at using ricin as part of a biological weapon against ethnic minorities in the UK, has been thwarted by police after a father and son team have both been arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000. The lethal toxin was discovered in a sealed jam jar, after a six month investigation led to the dawn raids on two properties in County Durham.

Nicky Davison, 18, was initially arrested at his home in Grampian Court, Annfield Plain, on suspicion of inciting racial hatred; however he has since been re-arrested. Both father, named Ian Davison, and son are now being detained under the Terrorism Act. Senior police believe the pair to be part of a worldwide terror plot targeting ethnic minorities.

The raids occurred after long running investigations by counterterrorism operations involving MI5 and other agencies. They had been monitoring the two suspects’ access to internet sites that have been described as ‘unhelpful to public safety’. However, Durham’s assistant chief constable, Mike Barton, admitted that the discovery of ricin came as a complete surprise. The dangerous chemical, for which there is not antidote, was confirmed by a government laboratory in Edinburgh.

Contrary to the above threat and danger posed by the father-son partnership, a further twist in the tale sees the teenager being bailed until the 22 June 2009, despite being charged with possessing information useful to committing a terrorist act. He has been ordered by Westminster magistrates to wear an electronic tag.

The above plot cannot help but remind readers of the ricin plot of 2005. The al-Qaeda cell, headed by Kamal Bourgass, planned a coordinated biological attack across Europe targeting the transport system.

There are strong doubts about how real that 2005 ricin plot scare really was. No one was ever convicted for that supposed plot. Just one individual, Kamal Bourgass, was convicted. However, not for that supposed ricin plot, in which no ricin was found; but for, while being an illegal immigrant, stabbing a police officer on an immigration raid.

Often, Western governments and media these days tend to over-rate so-called Muslim terrorist plots, which much later may turn out to have been non-existent.

While underestimating white Rightist terrorism.

One of the Pakistani students wrongly detained in Britain as a terror suspect described his detention as “mental torture” after returning to his native country today: here.

With the BNP gaining two seats in the European elections, it seems fitting that a white supremacist plot, as accounted for above, should be discovered in the same week. The BNP‘s ideology is no secret, or if it is, then it’s very badly kept. One only has to look at Andrew Brons‘ (the newly elected BNP MEP) CV – which highlights his anti-semitic and white supremacist views – to understand the lack of calibre and type of person that is attracted to BNP politics. The BNP is a deeply and truly racist party, whose ideas are not dissimilar to those that motivated the father-son combination to keep ricin in a jam jar in their kitchen.

Update: incredibly, the US loony Right blames … Muslims for the white supremacist murderer Von Brunn.

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