4 thoughts on “Fallujah war crimes as ‘entertainment’

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  2. Realistic video games would put a stop to violent society
    Thursday 10 May 2012

    The fact that Norwegian fascist Anders Breivik revealed that he had “trained” on a computer war game before slaughtering 69 young people says a lot about the infantile mentality of many young men who play them.

    They really do think it’s close to real and for many of them it no doubt wets their appetite to join the army.

    But war isn’t like that. So I’ve invented a real game for them called “Baghdad” and the first thing we have to do is start with the smell of excrement – huge pools of it all over the city from sewers that we “accidentally” damaged from our bombs.

    Next up starving kids who throw rocks at you and the hatred of the locals which is so palpable you could choke on it. And you never see the guy shooting at you. That stuff were you gallantly fight man-to-man, that’s just in movies.

    Then there’s pain. The appalling heartache of seeing your mate killed. And worse the pain that lasts for ever when you kill someone and this haunts you every night. It turns you alcoholic and destroys every relationship you ever have and you end up on the streets homeless like many soldiers do.

    This is the war game young people should play and they might think twice about wanting to fight.

    Mark Holt


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