Taxidermy of griffon vulture in the Netherlands

This video is about griffon vultures feeding in Spain.

Translated rom Dutch daily Leidsch Dagblad:

Naturalis prepares griffon vulture in public

* ANP 28 July 2008, 18:06


This Friday, a griffon vulture which died mid July in the Wieringermeer will be prepared by a taxidermist in Naturalis museum Leiden. …

According to Naturalis, it is long ago that a griffon vulture died in the Netherlands. The last time was supposedly in 1944.

… The skin and the bones, after preparation, will be preserved in the scientific collection of Naturalis.

The last time there was taxidermy in public of a vulture in Naturalis was after Carmen, the only Eurasian black vulture in the Netherlands, had died.

6 thoughts on “Taxidermy of griffon vulture in the Netherlands

  1. Sir, I have complete set of bones of Griffon vultures, which is ready to go for making skeleton for our museum or educational purposes. Now, I wondering how to begin the anatomical assembling and which parts of bones fixing should begin and how? iam working in one of the conservation institute in Bhutan. I would highly appreciate even for your single word.


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