Dabchick and kingfisher

This video shows a dabchick, or Tachybaptus ruficollis, little grebe; and a water rail; being freed after recovering from illness.

29 March 2008, the river Eem by ship from Amersfoort to the north.

In the harbour of Amersfoort, great crested grebe and coots. And black-headed gulls. A bit further, great cormorants and mallards.

A buzzard. Mute swans. Herring, common, and black-headed gulls.

We passed the area, where recently there had been research on great egrets, white-fronted geese, and voles.

Northern lapwings and oystercatchers.

Canada geese, grey lagged geese, domestic geese, and Egyptian geese.

A bit further, a dabchick passing the ship, swimming and diving. And a kingfisher. And two great crested grebes courting. A moorhen. A magpie.

Black-tailed godwits flying and calling.

Shelducks on a meadow. Redshanks.

A meadow pipit flies across the river.

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