English nazi defends rape

This video from Britain is called Nazi Hooligans in the BNP.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Nazi-style misogyny

(Wednesday 02 April 2008)

THE belated decision by the British National Party to drop Nick Eriksen from second spot on its list of candidates for next month’s London Assembly elections does not arise from any sudden outbreak of human decency within the fascist group.

Its press officer and deputy leader Simon Darby‘s immediate response was to describe its candidate’s views, expressed on his John Bull blog, as a bit of satire.

So, presumably, anyone with a sense of humour is supposed to roll round laughing at the idea that raping a woman is no more serious than force-feeding her chocolate cake.

And the same goes for the rib-tickling suggestion that “men who go along with the rape myth are either morons or traitors.”

“Rape is simply sex” is Eriksen’s view. How similar this British nazi sounds to ultra Rightists in the USA, who defended the torture and rape in Abu Ghraib jail by saying it was just a “sex ring”. Though the perpetrators of the horrible crimes in Abu Ghraib, some might say, are , .. ahem … (snigger quote on) “better” (snigger quote off) than British BNP nazis in one respect: they actually went to dangerous Iraq. While BNP nazi Danny Lake, loudly supporting the Iraq war, claimed he would go there; but never actually did (like his fellow chickenhawks, the US neo-conservative keyboard warriors defending the Abu Ghraib atrocities).

This former Conservative Party Southwark councillor [Eriksen] is not just some marginal BNP character.

As well as occupying second place on the BNP list, for which a 9 per cent London-wide vote would have seen him sitting in the assembly, he remains the racist party’s London organiser.

So, presumably, the BNP is not at all embarrassed at having as its public face in London a prat who advocates the old nazi line that “women should embrace the career nature has ascribed to them – motherhood.”

And who, moreover, believes that, “like gongs,” women should be struck from time to time.

While this benighted “satirist” has had to drop his hope of elected office, his party still has the goal of gaining representation on the London Assembly.

And, given the large percentages won in some local council elections by the party, whose members now wear suits and polished shoes on public occasions, rather than the nazi regalia and jackboots that they once favoured, there is an acute danger that these vermin could pollute the assembly.

The reasons for this disastrous development are not hard to find.

They are new Labour‘s failure or, more damning still, refusal to deal with the basic class issues that affect the party’s working-class base.

Jobs, housing, schools, health and social services have all been targeted by new Labour’s neoliberal zealots for “new” elitist approaches that prioritise marketisation and private-sector profits over labour movement preferences for a public, collective response.

In the face of this assault, hundreds of thousands of people have left the Labour Party and millions have stopped voting for it.

Abstention in the face of bureaucratic contempt is understandable, but it doesn’t change anything, except for the worse.

A 5 per cent share of the vote is all that is needed for a BNP candidate to be elected.

Every vote for Labour, Green, Respect, Left List, Unity for Peace and Socialism or any democratic party pushes up the turnout and, therefore, the total that 5 per cent would need to equal.

Even a vote for the Tories would have that effect in the list system, although any vote for the Tory mayoral candidate, who is favoured by the BNP for its supporters’ second-vote preference, would strengthen the reactionary racist agenda.

The only satisfactory outcome to the May 1 London elections will be Ken Livingstone returned as mayor, a progressive majority to support his budget and zero representation for the racist, woman-hating BNP.

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