Less money for Greeks, more for weapons

This music video is Chumbawamba, The Day The Nazi Died, with Greek subtitles.

In Greece, the fight of the workers against the draconian IMF-European Union-ordered Thatcherite cuts continues.

According to Theodora Polenta, the budget plans want to cut the salary of a young Greek teacher from 1240 euro to 850 euro by the end of 2012.

On the other hand, the cuts in military spending … wait a moment! The EU-IMF-Greek government budget plans to INCREASE the arms spending by 66.7% relative to the 2011 budget.

This is absolutely sick. It looks like EU and IMF want to attack the Greek people’s living standard on the one hand, and to use Greek soldiers as cannon fodder for the next NATO Iraq-style, Afghanistan-style, or Libya-style neocolonial war on the other hand.

There is another sinister side to this huge increase in military spending. If, in Greece, you look across the Mediterranean, you see the armed forces of the pro-United States military junta of Egypt maiming and killing pro-democracy demonstrators. And if, in Greece, you look back in time, you see the Greek colonels’ junta dictatorship.

Apparently, in some circles of the rich in Greece and internationally, there is fear that the Greek workers’ resistance to Thatcherite quack medicine will prove so strong that that quack medicine will prove impossible to administer by, officially, ”democratic” means. And that to impose open dictatorship once again on Greece might be the only way.

A step to tyranny has already been taken in Greece. The new so-called “national unity” government includes the LAOS party, supporters of the old Greek colonels’ dictatorship (and of Adolf Hitler, according to statements by prominent LAOS members).

The European Union is mainly a capitalists’ club, ramming Thatcherite poison down the member states’ throats. However, a few years ago, when in another country, Austria, other fans of Hitler’s Third Reich, Jörg Haider’s “Freedom” party, joined a coalition government, the European Union did protest (they did not follow through as Berlusconi did not like the protest). Now, when the LAOS fascists join the Greek coalition government, there is no European Union protest. Quite the contrary, the European Union wants the fascists in the coalition, as LAOS does not only like anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, but the European Union’s Thatcherite anti-people cuts as well.

It is to be hoped that not the European Union bureaucrats and their Greek racist allies, but the people’s anti-austerity and pro-democracy movement will have the last word. In Greece … in Egypt … in Bahrain … everywhere else.

Defence ministers of European Union member states endorsed joint projects on Thursday in an effort to increase the bloc’s military clout: here.

Deeply Divided New Greek Government Runs Out of Steam: here.

Chart of the Day: Greek workers work 48% more hours than Germans: here.

“Nobody seems to be saying it, but the only way out for Greece, could well be a military coup”, Michel Rocard said, while also expressing his belief that no nation “can be democratically governed, when you cut back 25 percent of its earnings”: here.

16 thoughts on “Less money for Greeks, more for weapons

  1. Workers promise to resist troika

    GREECE: Representatives of the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) met Prime minister Lucas Papademos today ahead of a visit by ‘the troika’ — debt inspectors from the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Commission — on January 16.

    The GSEE officials warned that they will mobilise opposition to any proposed reductions to minimum wages and to the collective national labour agreement.



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