Rare birds nest in the Netherlands

Smew male

The Dutch ornithologists of SOVON report, that this year, in Friesland province, four wild smew couples have nested in artificial duck nests. These ducks usually are in the Netherlands only during the winter months.

In the Eilandpolder in Noord-Holland province, this summer a red-breasted goose (another species usually coming to the Netherlands only in winter; rarely) was seen with a gosling. A red-breasted goose couple nesting, or a mixed couple with, eg, a barnacle goose?

For the first time ever, a couple of yellow-legged gulls nested this year in the Netherlands. The couple, in the Ventjagersplaat nature reserve, raised one chick.

Near Zeewolde in Flevoland province, for the first time ever a citrine wagtail nested in the Netherlands. This male brought food to at least three chicks, together with a female yellow wagtail.

British birds report: here.

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