Occupy Wall Street and US police violence

This 22 November 2011 video from the USA is called Occupy Police Brutality Compilation.

Among United States journalists, there are many complaints of police “censorship” after police attacked journalists covering Occupy Wall Street in New York City: here.

Police pepper spraying UC Davis students

The University of California, Davis, announced on Monday that it has placed its police chief on administrative leave amid outrage over widely circulated videos of officers firing pepper spray into the faces of student Occupy protesters at close range: here.

University of California, Davis “pepper spray incident” reports made public: here.

10 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street and US police violence

  1. http://morningstaronline.co.uk/news/content/view/full/117746

    Profs slam attack on Occupy protest

    UNITED STATES: Academics criticised University of California, Davis officials and police on Wednesday for pepper-spraying Occupy protesters last November.

    The professors said it was “objectively unreasonable.”

    State assembly speaker John Perez called the report’s findings “very troubling” and said he’d work with the university’s board and other politicians to hold the people responsible to account.


  2. Police chief resigns after spray incident

    UNITED STATES: The police chief who oversaw the University of California police department during its notorious pepper-spraying of peaceful Occupy protesters resigned on Thursday.

    A storm of criticism erupted after images were published of Lieutenant John Pike spraying the seated protesters at point-blank range.

    Annette Spicuzza and Lt Pike have been on paid leave since the incident.



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