Occupy London, interview and slogans

Occupiers on the steps of St Paul's Catheral, London

On 8 November, at the Occupy London protest camp near St. Paul’s cathedral in London, England.

Many slogans: Capitalism means war. Make Trident redundant, not workers.

Green party: no nuclear. In a mocking reversal of the religious fundamentalist slogan The End is Nigh, here The Beginning is Nigh; Global Revolution.

The world’s resources must go towards caring for people, for the planet, not the military, corporate profits, or the rich.

Fund human needs, not warfare.

Capitalism game over (like in the demonstrations against the Ben Ali dictatorship in Tunisia).

No shock doctrine for Britain. On the information tent: Gandhi: “There is enough for everyone’s need, not for everyone’s greed”.

Student demo 9 November.

Posters, calling for freedom of Egyptian bloggers Alaa and Maikel.

An Iranian refugees’ poster of Karl Marx.

Homes, not jails.

A lib.com poster.

Hedge funds make profits off Greece.

“Now is the winter of our discontent”. Richard III, Shakespeare.

I meet London occupier Nathalie Fisher. She is from Brighton, where she participates in the Occupy Brighton camp. Occupy Brighton is now 30 tents; it started two weeks ago, Nathalie says. Local publication SchNEWS helps with the camp.

Caring for her children means Nathalie cannot be in London all of the time; she is now in the London camp for a few days.

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