Extinct birds art exhibition

This video is called The Ghost of a Bird.

Albatross, London, November 2011

On 12 November, to the Ghosts of Gone Birds art exhibition in London. The exhibition is at the Rochelle School.

Lesse akialoa, London, November 2011

This photo shows a lesser ʻakialoa from Hawaii.

The show is dedicated to breathing artistic life back into the bird species we have lost.

Dodo, London, November 2011

The exhibit included a guitar, called The sound of extinction, adorned with, eg, a dodo picture and the slogan Fight world climate change, not war. Made by Philip Hardaker.

Well-known novelist Margaret Atwood did not have a literary contribution, but a knitted great auk.

There was a poem by Andres Bosso, about the hooded grebe from Argentina, threatened with extinction.

Tahiti rail, London, November 2011

This photo shows a Tahiti rail.

Lord Howe gerygone, London, November 2011

These two pictures are about the Lord Howe gerygone.

Lord Howe gerygones, London, November 2011

Also on this exhibition: here.

Exhibition poster

The rate of bird extinctions is accelerating at an alarming rate according to a new paper by BirdLife International and Charles Darwin University: here.

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