Kew Gardens, plants and animals

This video from England says about itself:

The grounds and wildlife of Kew Gardens, London’s oldest & largest botanical gardens.

On 10 November, to Kew Gardens.

Near the entrance, five ring-necked parakeets flying and calling.

In the big pond, coots; and Indian, Canada, and Egyptian geese.

These three species reminded me a bit of the old British empire. Though Kew Gardens now no longer are royal family private property and mainly dedicated to science and beauty, not to imperialism and war, there still is an eighteenth century temple of the Roman goddess of war at the Kew Gardens grounds. This Temple of Bellona celebrates the bloody Seven Years’ War (1756-1763).

In the big hothouse, the Palm House, grow palms and other tropical plants. In the cellar, there is an aquarium with ballon wrasse, Heteroconger cobra garden eels, other fish, and many algae. Also corals, confiscated by customs officials from illegal traders.

In the Temperate House grow subtropical plants which need less heating than the Palm House species.

A grey squirrel.

In the pond near Sackler Crossing, tufted ducks and red crested pochard males and females.

Mute swans. Gadwall ducks. Canada and grey lag geese.

In the aquatic display in the Princess of Wales Conservatory: pacu and other fish. Also a terrarium, with Dendrobates leucomelas frogs.

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