Bahrain policeman refuses dictatorship’s orders

Hundreds held in Bahrain crackdown: here.

From Human Rights First in the USA:

In Praise of a Bahraini Police Officer


By Brian Dooley
Director, Human Rights Defenders Program

In Bahrain, too, an unknown number of the security forces have been detained for joining the calls for democracy and refusing to join the regime’s violent crackdown. Bahrain is ruled by a monarchy, and in February hundreds of thousands of protestors congregated to demand political reform.

Bahrain is an increasingly volatile state, and its violent crackdown continues. Foreign Policy Magazine last week named it as one of the U.S.’s ‘Unsavory Allies,’ right up there with Equatorial Guinea and Uzbekistan as embarrassing friends.

Ali Jasim Al Ghanmi

Ali Jasim Al Ghanmi is a 25 year-old policeman, married with a daughter. On February 17 he heard that protestors in Bahrain were being shot by the security forces – he went to the hospital and helped the medics treating the wounded.

Dressed in his uniform, he went to the crowd of protestors and publicly announced he would no longer work for the repressive dictatorship. He was carried on the crowd’s shoulders and became a mini-celebrity among the protestors, impressed that a policeman would take such a stand.

He went into hiding after the security forces attacked and removed the protestors from the central protest area of the Pearl Roundabout in mid-March. His family said they received threats that he had to turn himself in. He was eventually discovered on May 4 and arrested. His family says their house was raided twice after that date anyway, and his brothers and mother assaulted.

Ali claims he was tortured in detention and, since September 24, has been put in solitary confinement as punishment for shouting ‘Down, down, Hamad’ in the prison yard – the chant of protestors against the country’s king. He is waiting to be tried on charges including Inciting hatred against the regime, Inciting military personnel against the regime and Absence from duty.

People like Ali Jasim Al Ghanmi, who put conscience above all else, are heroes of the Arab Spring, and they should not be forgotten.

Bahrain: Reports of Military Personnel Tortured, Imprisoned, and Killed by Regime: here.

Bahraini police violently dispersed Shiite protests in Manama with tear gas Friday, Al Jazeera reports. Demonstrators took to the streets after the funeral of an opposition leader’s father who died after having been beaten by police: here.

This Al Jazeera video is about that funeral.

From Aswat al-Iraq news agency in Iraq:

Iraq sportsman released in Bahrain

11/5/2011 2:57 PM

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Bahraini authorities decided today the release of Iraqi sportsman Dho al-Fiqar Abdul Ameer, 16, who was sentenced for one year imprisonment under the charges of participating in Bahraini demonstrations, sports authorities said.

The source told Aswat al-Iraq that Abdul Ameer will arrive in Iraq tomorrow (Sunday) through Najaf airport.

A Bahraini military court sentenced the Iraqi sportsman for one year with deportation.


Arab Spring needs ‘women in the room’: here.

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