12 thoughts on “Fine for refusing cooperation with Lockheed Martin war profiteers

  1. Dear Friend,

    This is Robert Stevens. He’s about to take $260 of your family’s money.

    Stevens is a war profiteer CEO, the head of Lockheed Martin–the best-paid corporation doing business with the Pentagon.1 Last year, Lockheed brought in $45.8 billion in revenue, mostly from taxpayer-funded contracts.2 That huge amount of money means that the average American family pays a $260 “Lockheed Martin tax” on their income taxes.3

    When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, Stevens will raise his champagne glass knowing he’s got your family’s cash again…along with the cash from millions of other Americans.

    That is, of course, unless you do something to take the money out of his hand.

    You can reduce the amount of your income tax dollars that Stevens and his war profiteer buddies can pocket by donating to Brave New Foundation. Not only will you get the tax deduction–which helps shrink the amount of money Stevens gets from your taxes–we’ll also use the money to give him and his war profiteer buddies some hell in 2012.

    Brave New Foundation’s War Costs campaign is positioned to go on offense against war profiteers like Robert Stevens, but we need your financial support to do it. You must respond with a financial donation before 11:59 p.m. on December 31 to get the tax deduction for 2011.

    Don’t miss your chance to keep your family’s money out of the war profiteers’ hands! Donate now.


    Derrick Crowe, Robert Greenwald
    and the Brave New Foundation team


    1 “DoD Top 100 Contractors,” published by the Department of Defense, June 2011 (.pdf).

    2 Lockheed Martin’s 2010 Annual Report (.pdf).

    3 Hartung, William. Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex, p. 29. New York: Nation Books, 2011.


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  8. SOUTH KOREA: Seoul announced yesterday that it had decided to buy 40 F-35A fighter jets from US manufacturer Lockheed Martin for about $7 billion (£4.3bn).

    It would be the country’s biggest-ever weapons purchase in response to allegations of a military threat from North Korea.

    The state-run Defence Acquisition Programme Administration says that the new planes would assist in attacking strategic targets in North Korea in the event of war.



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