Electricians at Occupy London

This video from London, England says about itself:

Electricians Protest @ Blackfriars Balfour Beatty and Join St Paul’s Occupation – 19 October 2011

By John Millington at St Paul’s, London, England:

Sparks fly to St Pauls

Wednesday 02 November 2011

Militant electricians and supporters celebrated the end of the widespread mass media blackout of their protests against 35 per cent wage cuts today after gathering on the steps of occupied St Paul’s Cathedral.

The 300-strong demonstration, which has been present on the streets of London every Wednesday at dawn for the last three months, had previously been given scant coverage in the mainstream press.

But marching from Cannon Street building site, electricians and students gave police the runaround, taking an unexpected detour to show solidarity with Occupy London protesters.

Gathering on the steps of St Paul’s, activists addressed the camp with loud hailers as startled ITV and BBC reporters rushed to film the demonstration.

Unite regional organiser Malcolm Bonnett drew repeated applause after he explained how construction workers were fighting devastating cuts to their living standards.

“Sweat and blood have gone into the buildings that you see around here today,” he said.

Balfour Beatty made profits of £50 million last year. Is it too much to ask to go to work and to be paid decently? Our class of people deserve better.”

Earlier, workers had gathered outside the Cannon Street construction site after the site manager’s insistence last week that “If it were up to me I would pay them (sparks) one pound an hour.”

Drawing attention to the forthcoming day of student action on November 9 and the national ballot of construction workers at Balfour Beatty, electricians’ activist Eddie Current told cheering protesters: “If they are going to cut our pay by 35 per cent we will shut down London.”

Unite will open the ballot of 1,000 workers at Balfour Beatty on November 14 with counting due to be finished by November 28.

If workers vote yes to industrial action, walkouts could begin on December 7 – the same day that seven rogue employers including Balfour Beatty intend to sack workers who do not sign the new inferior contracts.

Construction workers campaigner and barred Ucatt general secretary candidate Mick Dooley received the cheer of the day as he addressed the demonstration.

“There is a movement called socialists and I am proud to be part of it,” Mr Dooley said.

Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams threw his weight behind a tax on bankers today in what appeared to be an olive branch to the anti-poverty activists camped out on St Paul’s doorstep: here.

USA: The Oakland Strike Is Getting Huge And Has Already Slowed Down The Nation’s Fifth Biggest Port: here.

Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan wars join #OccupyWallStreet: here.

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