Israeli anti-poverty demonstrations

This video is called Tens of Thousands in Israel Protest Rising Prices.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Thousands of Israelis on streets to call for action on inequality

Sunday 30 October 2011

Tens of thousands of Israelis marched in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on Saturday to demand that the government reduce the widening gulf between rich and poor.

Protesters carried banners reading: “The people demand public housing” and “the people demand a bigger budget.”

Another protest planned for the southern city of Beersheba was called off when Gaza militants retaliated against Israeli air strikes that claimed five militants with rocket attacks.

Some people noted that the timing of the air strikes was very convenient for Tel Aviv.

The Israeli government set up a committee to examine protesters’ economic demands in the wake of the wave of social protests that swept the country over the summer and approved the outline of proposed reforms in early October.

But protesters say that they do not go far enough and are calling on ministers to cancel next year’s national budget and relaunch a “social budget” after consulting the public.

See also here.

Police attack student demo in Sudan: here.

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