6 thoughts on “British Tories evict Dale Farm

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  5. Saturday 3rd June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    BASILDON Borough Council was issued with a £150,000 fine yesterday for illegally publishing the personal details of families who lived on the Dale Farm travellers’ site, writes Felicity Collier.

    Bailiffs and riot police cleared part of the site in 2011, after the escalation of an ongoing dispute over the number of people living there.

    A spokesman said: “The council has been given 28 days in which to lodge an appeal against [the fine].

    “We are taking advice and considering our position.”

    Mary Ann McCarthy, who lived on the site before the 2011 eviction, said: “They drove us out like we were a load of animals.

    “We all got scattered around — it ruined our lives.

    “Planners promised us the moon. The council could have built a site for us.

    “They wasted all that taxpayers’ money and didn’t solve a thing.”

    Grattan Puxon, another former Dale Farm resident, branded the eviction “the most brutal to be mounted against travellers in the UK, being led by riot police firing Taser guns.”

    The council has now started High Court proceedings against travellers who have moved onto a site in nearby Wickford, with hearings due next Wednesday.


  6. Monday 5th June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Felicity Collier

    TRAVELLERS joined a People’s Assembly rally in Colchester on Saturday to defend the NHS — and press local Tory councillors over plans to bulldoze the last remaining homes at Dale Farm.

    Leading Roma figures said the Tories’ unclear policies over provision for the often vulnerable nomadic community were unacceptable, and pointed to plans by nearby Basildon Council to build over land bought and settled by Traveller families as an example of ongoing persecution.

    The council has threatened to raze the last remaining homes at Dale Farm, which became infamous as a human rights battleground when a mass forced eviction of plots without planning permission was staged in 2011, and replace it with 500 houses to try to hit local building targets.

    Basildon has said the homes of the remaining community, though legally bought and settled, are in “seriously poor” condition due to broken sewage outflow pipes — as the entire site was dug up during the original eviction to deter people from returning.

    Dale Farm Residents Association secretary and Gypsy Council founding member Grattan Puxon told the Star that a development firm had already moved equipment onto Dale Farm even though Travellers still own the land.

    Mr Puxon said: “Families were supposed to be given the first offer [of homes] that were supposed to be built on the whole area.

    “People had to abandon caravans and chalets which were dug up to prevent them from living there.

    “No alternative accommodation was ever offered.”

    The council has spent around £10 million so far in trying to evict residents from Dale Farm, according to Mr Puxon, who said the Colchester march showed that the Roma community is united behind Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    Mr Corbyn has previously shown support for travellers and Labour’s new manifesto pledges: “We will end racism and discrimination against Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, and protect the right to lead a nomadic way of life.”

    As reported by the Star, the council was issued with a £150,000 fine last week for illegally publishing personal details of the residents up to 2011 — the year at least 83 families had started to be evicted.

    Of the council’s decision to lodge an appeal against the recent fine, Mr Puxon said: “It’s typical of the council to waste more money on an appeal.

    “They were told to pay compensation to Travellers for publishing their private details, but they never paid.”

    The council will start High Court proceedings against travellers at a site in nearby Wickford on Wednesday.


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