US-EU disaster in Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina

By Ante Dotto:

WikiLeaks documents expose disaster created by the US and EU in Bosnia

17 October 2011

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has been without a state government for over a year—ever since the general election on October 3, 2010—and has little prospect of forming one soon. The political deadlock is described as the worst crisis since the wars of the 1990s after the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. WikiLeaks cables on Bosnia are a devastating exposure of the systemic failure of the entire official political framework, exposing the political bankruptcy of the state’s international backers, US and European imperialism.

The greatest ornithological hotspots in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the natural park Hutovo blato and Livanjsko polje (the biggest karst field in the world), were destroyed by fires in early October: here.

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3 thoughts on “US-EU disaster in Bosnia

  1. Drvar residents ‘lay town to rest’

    BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA: With candles, speeches and an obituary plastered on walls reading “Town of Drvar 1883-2013,” residents symbolically laid the town to rest today.

    The last company in Drvar closed down two months ago, sending the town’s unemployment rate skyrocketing to 80 per cent.

    Residents said that what Bosnia’s 1992-95 war had not destroyed in Drvar, the global financial crisis seemed to be finishing off.


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