Occupy Wall Street movement fights on

This video from the USA is called Listening Post – ‘Occupy Wall Street‘: A media blackout?

An Alternative Model to Private Profiteering on Wall Street: Public Banks. Ellen Brown, Truthout: “Publicly owned banks were instrumental in funding Germany’s ‘economic miracle’ after the devastation of World War II. Although the German public banks have been targeted in the last decade for takedown by their private competitors, the model remains a viable alternative to the private profiteering being protested on Wall Street today”: here.

The All-American Occupation: A Century of Our Streets vs. Wall Street. Steve Fraser, TomDispatch: “Occupy Wall Street, the ongoing demonstration-cum-sleep-in that began a month ago not far from the New York Stock Exchange and has since spread like wildfire to cities around the country, may be a game-changer. If so, it couldn’t be more appropriate or more in the American grain that, when the game changed, Wall Street was directly in the sights of the protesters. The fact is that the end of the world as we’ve known it has been taking place all around us for some time”: here.

From the Plant to the Plaza: Hershey Students Visit Occupy Wall Street. J.A. Myerson, Truthout: “The foreign students who went out on strike at a candy warehouse in Hershey, Pennsylvania, this summer joined Occupy Wall Street Wednesday and declared their solidarity with the efforts of the protesters encamped in Manhattan’s financial district. ‘I want to learn about what’s going on here so that I can bring it back to Romania,’ said Ionut-Decebal Bilan (John), 22 years old, one of the students who brought attention to cruel labor practices this summer”: here.

Occupy Wall Street Told to Vacate Zuccotti Park to Allow Cleaning. David W. Chen, The New York Times News Service: “Responding to what he called unsanitary conditions at the private park in Lower Manhattan that has served as home base to the Occupy Wall Street protest for more than three weeks, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said Wednesday night that protesters would be made to leave temporarily as the property was cleaned in stages”: here. Protest against this: here.

Michael Winship | Occupy Wall Street Wins Labor’s Love. Michael Winship, Truthout: “Early last Friday morning, as the Occupy Wall Street protesters were just uncurling from their sleeping bags, I went downtown for a walkthrough of their campsite at Zuccotti Park, now also known as Liberty Plaza. I met up there with AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka and New York City Central Labor Council President Vincent Alvarez. (I’m president of an AFL-CIO affiliated union.)”: here.

The Guys in the 1% Brought This On, by Barbara Ehrenreich: here.

Wall Street Journal Executive Resigns Over Yet Another News Corp. Scandal. Travis Waldron, ThinkProgress: “One of the top executives at the European branch of the Wall Street Journal, the flagship newspaper at Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corporation, has resigned amid a growing scandal that has called into question the paper’s journalistic ethics and jeopardized its reputation. Adding to the scandals News Corp. is already facing in Europe – alleged phone hacking, bribing of public officials – and a potential criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department, the Guardian reported today that Andrew Langhoff, the European director of Dow Jones and Co. (the subsidiary of News Corp. that owns the Journal), oversaw a massive scam that artificially inflated the circulation numbers in Europe in order to avoid losing investors, readers, and advertisers”: here.

3 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street movement fights on

  1. Walesa supports Wall St occupation

    POLAND: Former president Lech Walesa, a leader of the Solidarity movement that played a role in the overthrow of socialism in 1989, has unexpectedly announced his support for the Occupy Wall Street protests in the US.

    He said he would visit the protesters if possible but might write them a letter.

    The global economic crisis had led him to realise that “we need to change the capitalist system” and fight for “more justice, more people’s interests and less money for money’s sake.”



  2. Migrant workers walk out over law

    UNITED STATES: Alabama businesses reliant on migrant labour were shut down on Wednesday as legal and illegal immigrants walked out over state repression.

    The state’s immigration law was imposed in June.

    It allows police to detain suspected migrants indefinitely and requires schools to check the status of new students.

    The Obama administration’s attempt to block the law through the courts had a setback on September 28 when a federal judge upheld it.

    Mexican immigrant Mireya Bonilla said: “We want the mayor, the governor, this judge to know we are part of the economy of Alabama.”



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