Austerity kills Greeks

This video is called Students protest at Greek university reforms.

In its preliminary summary, the troika paints a bleak picture of Greece’s economic development and seeks to pressure Athens to implement cuts and deregulation: here.

The austerity measures being forced onto the Greek population by the social democratic PASOK government are literally killing people: here.

8 thoughts on “Austerity kills Greeks

  1. Electricity workers protest at new tax

    GREECE: State power company staff occupied one of its buildings in Athens today in protest at a new property tax levied through electricity bills.

    “Electricity cannot be used as a means of blackmail,” the Genop-Deh trade union said.

    “We will not allow our poor fellow citizens to be left without power.”

    The government has threatened to cut off the electricity of anyone who doesn’t pay.

    Many other workers were also either striking today or planning strikes. Another nationwide walkout is planned for October 19.


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