Occupy Wall Street continues

This video from the USA is called Occupy Everywhere.

Listen to the Occupy Wall Street Movement: here.

By Eve Ensler in the USA:

I have been watching and listening to all kinds of views and takes on Occupy Wall Street. Some say it’s backed by the Democratic Party. Some say it’s the emergence of a third party. Some say the protesters have no goals, no demands, no stated call. Some say it’s too broad, taking on too much. Some say it is the Left’s version of the Tea Party. Some say its Communist, some say it’s class warfare. Some say it will burn out and add up to nothing. Some say it’s just a bunch of crazy hippies who may get violent.

I have been spending time down at Zucotti Park and I am here to offer a much more terrifying view. What is happening cannot be defined. It is happening. It is a happening. It is a response to injustice and inequity and poverty and Wall Street corruption and soaring college debt and unemployment and homelessness, institutionalized racism and violence against women, the murdering of the earth, fracking and the Keystone pipeline and the wars that the U.S. has waged on other countries that have destroyed them and bankrupted us here.

Doug Singsen, an activist in the Occupy Wall Street movement, looks at one of the pressing questions that participants are discussing as the struggle moves forward: here.

Indigenous Groups at #OccupyWallStreet Mark Columbus Day as Day of Mourning & Call For End to Colonialism: here.

Protesters attempt to occupy US Senate. Police arrest six demonstrators after nearly 100 flooded Capitol Hill in an effort to shut down Congress: here.

So you want a revolution? Then embrace compassion and be a revolutionary friend, says Naomi Klein: here.

If Institute for Fiscal Studies prognoses prove correct, Britain, one of the richest economies in the world, looks set to “celebrate” the first 20 years of the 21st century with a quarter of its children living in poverty: here.

4 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street continues

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