Egyptian military violence, video

This video from Cairo in Egypt says about itself:

11 October 2011

This is raw footage taken by me and stitched together by Mostafa Hussein.

It shows the march at its beginning in Shubra, the 1st attack at the Shubra underpass and the final assault by the army at Maspero, where protesters were shot and crushed by APCs.

The video includes GRAPHIC scenes of the dead, and concludes with the funeral in the Abbaseyya Cathedral the next day.

Bloodbath in Cairo: An Eyewitness Account by Democracy Now!’s Sharif Abdel Kouddous: here.

Eyewitness in Cairo: Copts were gunned down by the military: here.

Egyptian army must answer for deadly toll at Coptic protest: here.

Tens of thousands of Egyptians chanted through the night on Monday and early today against the ruling junta during a massive funeral procession for 17 protesters killed in a Cairo protest: here.

Cairo transport strike wins some demands: here.

Egyptian junta defends massacre, launches fresh attacks on strikers: here.

3 thoughts on “Egyptian military violence, video

  1. Sacked workers stage protest outside rights council HQ in Egypt

    Around 50 workers and their families, along with supporters and lawyers, gathered outside the headquarters of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) and the National Council for Women (NCW) October 10 to protest “arbitrary and punitive layoffs” and demand reinstatement.

    A delegation of workers and lawyers met with officials from the state-appointed NCHR and NCW to receive pledges that their grievances would be forwarded and investigated within 15 days. Neither the NCHR nor the NCW have the authority to reinstate workers.

    Reporters were barred from attending the meeting.

    The demonstrators are considering staging another protest at the state-run Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) on October 17. The workers previously staged a protest and sleep-in at ETUF headquarters in September.

    The sacked workers, who are from 10 public and private sector companies, have organized a campaign entitled “We will not be afraid”. According to their leaflet, the campaign aims at: having the ETUF cancel punitive layoff orders and arbitrary deductions in pay; halting trumped-up charges against workers before the courts; providing assistance payments to sacked workers; and providing transportation fees for those workers who are punitively relocated until they can be reinstated in their original workplaces.

    Workers involved are from the state-owned Mahalla Textile Company, the Petrotrade Company (affiliated with the Ministry of Petroleum), Rural Health Guides (female workers affiliated with the Ministry of Health in the Assiut Governorate), the private Misr-Iran Textile Company, Ameriya Textile Company, Indorama Shebine Textile Company, Mansoura-Espagna Textile Company, and the Future Company for Pipe Production.

    Rural Health Guide Mona Abdel Same’a said: “Thirty-three of us have been working with the Health Ministry in Assiut for at least 16 years now. Now they want to employ us on new temporary contracts and strike off all the bonuses and benefits that we earned during our service.” She added that the Rural Health Guides had been laid off after rejecting the new temporary contracts.

    Karim Reda, a former employee of the Petrotrade Company, sacked in December 2009 for attempting to establish a trade union for company employees, said: “Four employees, myself included, were punitively sacked for our organizational efforts.”


    Cairo information centre employees stage new protest

    Hundreds of employees at the information centre staged a protest opposite the Shura Council in Cairo, Egypt last week, after security authorities refused to authorize a protest in front of the Council of Ministers.

    The protesters demanded that promises of better pay and benefits be fulfilled. Some of those demonstrating carried banners and chanted slogans including, “What are we supposed to do with LE99?” (€12).

    Staff said they had received pledges from parliamentary officials that a decree ordering increases in their salaries, according to qualifications, would be issued and that they would be given permanent positions.

    The employees ended a sit-in, held nearly three weeks ago in front of the Council of Ministers, following new promises from the Head of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation Hussein Megawer. The new protest was organized as none of the pledges made have been honoured.


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