Immigrant workers’ suicides in Kuwait

This video from Kuwait says about itself:

Kuwait’s Protest: Kuwait’s Stateless citizens, aka Biduns, protest for their human rights!

18 February 2011

After THREE generations of stripping the Bidun families of their rights, and Kuwaiti women for that matter, the Biduns are protesting again.

From the Arab Times:

Ethiopian maid, Asian commit suicide

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 9: An unidentified Ethiopian maid is said to have ended her life by hanging herself inside the ‘safe house’ of her embassy in Jabriya, reports Alam Alyawm daily.

According to reports the woman was working for a Kuwaiti family and reportedly ran away and took shelter at the embassy. The reports also said preparations were underway to send the woman back to the country.

The daily said no one knows why she took the drastic measure to end her life. Some say a court case or a travel ban may have pushed her to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, an unidentified Asian man reportedly ended his life in the company’s quarters where he was living, reports Alam Alyawm daily. The daily quoting security sources say the incident happened in Julaia’a. The daily added following a complaint filed by the company contractor police and paramedics rushed to the spot and found the man hanging from a rope, one end tied to the ceiling. The victim’s roommates are being ‘interrogated’ to find the motive for the alleged suicide.

In another development, a 26-year-old Korean drowned while swimming in a beach, reports Al-Rai daily. It is not mentioned whether he was from North Korea or South Korea. Sea-rescuers recovered the victim’s remains and referred them to Forensics.

And an Asian man died in a two-truck collision on Sabhan Road, reports Al-Rai daily.

A police source said fire erupted in the cabin of a truck soon after the collision and burnt the Asian to death.

From the Migrant Rights site:

Every Two Days a Migrant Worker Attempts or Commits Suicide in Kuwait

11 thoughts on “Immigrant workers’ suicides in Kuwait

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    PHILIPPINES: Labour Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz announced new rules today which bar citizens from working in countries which do not provide legal protection to foreign labourers.

    Forty-one countries including Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq will be affected by the ban, while Philippine embassies around the world have been told to make sure countries have laws in place to protect foreigners or have signed international labour treaties.

    Almost 10 per cent of the country’s 94 million citizens work abroad.


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