Snakes, lizards, and toads

This is a Dutch video on reptile zoo Serpo.

In the botanical garden in Leiden, the Netherlands, there is now an exhibition about (mainly) snakes.

The exhibition is by reptile zoo Serpo. They used to be housed in Delft. However, they had to move from there, and are not yet sure yet about a new building. In the meantime, they travel around, like in the Leiden exhibition. Only about one in four of Serpo’s animals can be shown in the exhibitions.

Most of the exhibition is about snakes. There are three terrariums with lizards: gila monster; beaded lizard and scheltopusik. And one cane toad terrarium.

Serpo got the cane toad, like many of their other animals, from a private owner unable to care further for it.

Serpo does not breed cane toads, as they have hundreds of eggs. Few species breed at Serpo: one of them is the dwarf crocodile.

Among the snake species exhibited in Leiden: Naja naja, the Indian cobra. And its relative, a Chinese cobra which had traveled illegally on a ship from China to Rotterdam.

And some corn snakes. Individuals of different colour varieties together in a terrarium. Serpo breeds corn snake varieties in various colours.

Dutch wild reptiles in autumn: here.

Snakes Of Maharashtra, India: here.

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