Economic crisis, workers resist

This February 2017 video is called Greece: Thousands rally in defiance of Greek austerity measures.

50,000 Greek civil servants and public sector workers on Wednesday staged a successful 24-hour national strike and a big march through Athens against the government’s barbaric plans to sack hundreds of thousands and cut wages and pensions by 20 per cent: here.

Nokia, which closed down a plant in Bochum, Germany, in 2008 and switched production to a Romanian location, has just announced it is closing the Romanian factory: here.

A recent statistical report exposes the fact that millions of Germans are being condemned to a life of permanent poverty due to the burgeoning low-wage economy and the government’s brutal austerity drive: here.

Britain: ‘People need to realise what’s happening before it’s too late’ – Electricians demand strike: here.

Austerity in Italy: here.

3 thoughts on “Economic crisis, workers resist

  1. Boc visit marked by demonstration

    ROMANIA: Hundreds of anti-cuts protesters confronted Prime Minister Emil Boc as he visited the western city of Timisoara today.

    Demonstrators chanted: “Down with the Boc government” and “Corruption is everywhere” outside a meeting of the premier’s Democratic Liberal Party.

    Police spokeswoman Madalina Mezdrea said four people had been detained for leaving the authorised protest area.

    Mr Boc has slashed public-sector salaries and cut public services in an “austerity programme” imposed in 2009 in return for a €20 billion (£17bn) EU bailout loan.


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