Bloody Libyan war continuing

This video is called ‘Libyan oil contracts – not the whole story‘.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delivered baby milk, nappies and other humanitarian aid to civilians in the Libyan town of Sirte today in a bid to ease shortages caused by Nato bombing and the ongoing siege by forces of the new regime: here.

Nato chiefs announced today that they would continue their bombing campaign in support of the new Libyan regime until all remaining “pockets of resistance” are suppressed: here.

4 thoughts on “Bloody Libyan war continuing

  1. Let’s review history. What if the US found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and turned around and went home?

    The results would be similar to when Vietnam invaded Cambodia and threw out the hated Pol Pot regime. the world would continue to cheer.

    The west has a fixation with nation building, which only builds enemies.

    Unfortunately the Western peace activists have some kind of fixation with saying I told you so. Let’s continue to try to end the war now since most of the reasons for the war are over. Ending the no fly zone by Russia would be a good idea. The next time Russia abstains I hope it does so only on the condition that any UN mandate be only for one year.

    I don’t like Capitol Punishment, some do. But the war is continuing and the deadly malnutrician in Libya is getting worse only so one man and his close relatives will be punished.


  2. Re #1: I agree the Libyan war should stop now. Civilians in Ben Walid and Sirte are suffering worse now than the civilian suffering which was the pretext (not the real reason) for the NATO invasion. I am not even talking about the torture and killing of Black Libyans and sub-Saharan African immigrant workers comtinuing now in Tripoli and elsewhere.

    The Bush administration knew there were no WMD in Saddam’s Iraq. The WMD were just a pretext for the oil corporations’ interests etc.


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