Egyptian, US mass movements continue

EGYPT‘S Public Transport Authority workers on Saturday announced the beginning of an open-ended sit-in outside cabinet headquarters on Cairo’s Qasr al-Ainy Street, following a ten-day strike: here.

Cairo — ANHRI demands the Military Council and the Ministry of the Interior to immediately release the demonstrators who were detained on 1 October at Tahrir square, condemning the ongoing use of excessive force and repression in dispersal of the protesters who tried to sit-in following the one million march of “reclaiming the revolution”: here.

Cairo — The Supreme Military Court of Appeal has postponed the hearing considering the appeal filed by the blogger Mikael Nabil Sanad in the case No. 18 for the year 2011 – the Military Prosecutor Administration, to 11 October 2011: here.

Egyptian Workers Denounce Military Regime: here.

The head of Egypt’s ruling junta claimed on Wednesday that the army has no interest in staying in power for long – but insisted that the military council would not step down until it had “fulfilled its commitments”: here.

Bloggers say Arab Spring has gone global. Prominent Arab bloggers, who meet in Tunis, say their methods are being picked up by activists in the West: here.

This video from the USA is called Occupy Wall Street Continues.

Fox News Offers Wall Street Protester an Interview but Doesn’t Air It After He Slams Fox. Zaid Jilani, ThinkProgress: “LaGreca offered an eloquent defense of the protests and [mentioned] growing economic inequality in the United States, and scolded the Fox staffer for his network’s role as a far-right ‘propaganda machine.’ LaGreca noted Fox’s parent corporation was under investigation by the Department of Justice and that the network was ‘wasting time’ on subjects such as President Obama’s birth certificate and Solyndra. The Fox producer promised LaGreca he would ‘put any message you want out there, to give you fair coverage,’ yet when the show was aired Wednesday, the footage was nowhere to be found”: here.

The Reign of the One Percenters: Income Inequality and the Death of Culture in New York City: here.

Nobel laureate Stiglitz joins Wall Street protest: here.

Is JP Morgan Getting a Good Return on $4.6 Million “Gift” to NYC Police? (Like Special Protection from OccupyWallStreet?): here.

The demonstrations on Wall Street are beginning to attract broader popular support. They are part of the growing opposition in the United States and internationally to the policies of the banks and their political representatives: here.

Protesters continued to occupy Manhattan’s financial district yesterday in defiance of Saturday’s mass arrests and expanded their protest against corporate greed to cities around the country: here.

Wall Street occupation inspires resistance across the US: here.

New York City’s billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has endorsed the police operation in which some 700 peaceful protesters were arrested Saturday on the Brooklyn Bridge: here.

8 thoughts on “Egyptian, US mass movements continue


    Of this you can be sure: the New York Police Department (NYPD), Mayor Bloomberg (who made his fortune on Wall Street), the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the White House are doing everything possible to keep the occupation of Wall Street from reaching an “Arab Spring” tipping point.

    Populist uprisings are lauded overseas, but they are perceived as a threat to elite corporate governance in the US.

    You can be sure that the governmental and law enforcement forces at the highest levels in the US are consulting with Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD on how to keep the Wall Street protest from bursting into a national movement.

    If history is any guide, contingencies include infiltrators into the protest movement who will try to entrap supporters of Occupy Wall Street. This is such a common police and FBI tactic that it would take too long to list examples, but you might start with the compelling documentary, “Better This World.” It details how an FBI “informant” entrapped two young idealists from Texas into becoming prosecution targets, thus helping to portray all protesters at the 2008 Republican Convention in Minneapolis as being “radicals.”

    The corporate mass media that has virtually ignored the protests in lower Manhattan – although the same media will give endless coverage to a couple of Tea Party advocates with misspelled signs blathering on a street corner – will blare sensational headlines if the protesters are perceived as committing even one act of violence, such as throwing a brick through a window.

    But imagine if an NYPD or FBI informant, acting as an infiltrator, bombs a Bank of America branch office at night. The entire movement to expose corporate America as legal thieves would be discredited.

    Right now, the NYPD – and the FBI – are engaged in low intensity corralling of the protesters. They are playing a waiting game, hoping that the protest will exhaust itself.

    But if the participants grow – as appears to be the case with the increasing support of unions and the enhanced credibility of the movement – watch for a law enforcement “false flag” operation.

    You’ll know about it instantly, because it will probably be the first time you’ll see any serious interest in the Wall Street protests on TV. The revolution won’t be televised; but the government takedown of democracy and peaceful assembly will be.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


  2. NYC Labor Against the War: Occupy Wall Street Update


    Oct. 5: Community/Labor March to Wall Street
    Wednesday, October 5 at 4:30pm

    Occupy Wall Street | NYC Protest for American Revolution
    News and resources for protesters attending the mass demonstration on Wall Street against financial greed and corruption.


    TWU blasts city for putting handcuffed Occupy Wall Street protesters on buses
    ‎”TWU Local 100 supports the protesters on Wall Street and takes great offense that the mayor and NYPD have ordered operators to transport citizens who were exercising their constitutional right to protest – and shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place.”

    U.S. anti-corporate movement expands
    ‎In a sign that the movement is gaining traction, some of New York’s biggest labour unions have now joined protestors (or are planning to join later this week). The city’s 38,000-member transit union pledged its support and is planning to encourage members to join the street demonstrations early next week. Unions representing teachers, doormen, security guards, maintenance workers, postal workers, healthcare workers, and other labour sectors have also pledged support and hinted at future involvement.

    Turning up the heat on Wall Street
    The size and character of Wednesday’s protest will be a key marker for the movement. The labor-initiated rally and march represents an important opportunity to help raise the confidence and expectations of thousands of city workers, while deepening the links between the Occupy Wall Street action and the labor movement.

    The Indypendent » A Tale of Two Rallies: Notes from Friday’s Protests Against Police Brutality
    ‎Now is the time. Now is our time.


    N.Y.P.D.’s ‘White Shirts’ Take On Enforcer Role
    In everyday policing situations, the one-two punch of uniformed response usually goes like this: Blue shirts form the first wave, with white shirts following. But those roles seem reversed in the police response to the Wall Street protests.

    Occupy Jail Cells | MyFDL
    The police may have tried to deter us, but instead they’ve impassioned us.

    Mood at Occupy Wall Street Increasingly Anti-Police
    It’s a protest against capitalism itself.


    Politicians Pinched by Protest Downtown
    As the anti-Wall Street protesters camped out in Lower Manhattan gain attention and some high-profile supporters, they’re putting New York politicians, especially Democrats, in an awkward place. They can voice support for the demonstrators, who have won the backing of some powerful labor unions and prominent liberals who play a large role in the city’s Democratic party. But doing so risks angering the financial industry, a large source of campaign contributions and tax dollars.

    Beyond OWS

    Occupy Together
    Videos and news from actions across the nation!

    Oct. 5: Occupy Colleges
    ‎Wednesday, October 5th COUNTRYWIDE STUDENT WALKOUT 12PM YOUR LOCAL TIME. Do not go to school Go fight for yours and everybody elses rights at Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Los Angeles or your nearest Occupation. The time is now to join our fellow %99!

    15th october: #United we will re-invent the world | Just another Take The Square Sites site
    On October 15th people from all over the world will take to the streets and squares. From America to Asia, from Africa to Europe, people are rising up to claim their rights and demand a true democracy. Now it is time for all of us to join in a global non violent protest.

    We are the 99 per cent
    Show up at an Occupy Wall Street gathering in any major city in the US. Hit your social media outlets. Tweet it. Facebook it. Talk it up. It’s easy to do nothing, but your heart breaks a little more every time you do.

    Prisoner Hunger Strike Grows to Nearly 12,000!
    Numbers released by the federal receiver’s office show that on September 28th, nearly 12,000 prisoners were on hunger strike, including California prisoners who are housed in out of state prisons in Arizona, Mississippi and Oklahoma. This historic and unprecedented number shows the strength and resolve of the prisoners to win their 5 core demands and is a serious challenge to the power of the California prison system and to the Prison Industrial Complex in general.

    Campus anger continues across Egypt | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Today’s News from Egypt
    Six state universities on Monday witnessed demonstrations demanding the dismissal of faculty members and the cleansing of administrations of figures from of the Mubarak regime.

    Scuffles as students protest in Athens
    Greek students are the latest to hold demonstrations against the country’s harsh austerity programme.


  3. Egyptians lacking basic work rights

    SOLIDARITY: The TUC urged the public today to sign a petition demanding that Egypt introduces laws to guarantee workers’ rights.

    The Egyptian revolution earlier this year raised hopes that workers would be free to organise and act together, but the TUC said basic rights at work were at risk, with the military junta issuing a decree that bans strikes.


  4. Controllers’ strike disrupts airport

    EGYPT: Cairo airport air traffic controllers worked to rule today in protest at the revocation of a promised bonus.

    The action severely disrupted flights in and out of the country.

    More than 200 flights have been delayed since Wednesday night.

    It reduced flight traffic to and from the airport by 80 per cent.

    Egypt’s workforce has stepped up demands for decent pay and the right to form independent unions since the January 25 uprising which brought down ex-president Hosni Mubarak.


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