Somali Pentagon allies ban free speech

This video from the USA is called Pentagon Considers Drones For Somalia.

From Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu, Somalia):

Somalia: Military Court Warns People Insulting Army Soldiers

3 October 2011

Mogadishu — The military court of Somali government on Monday warned people against insulting the soldiers of Somali national army.

Hassan Mohamed Hussein Mungab, the military court chief told reporters it is banned Somali government soldier to be insulted and humiliated.

The chief said they will take strict actions against the people who accustomed in doing oral offense against the country’s army.

That one will be captured and taken into custody in a bid to punish him, Mungab said during briefing to the local press.

Some of Somali government forces of Saturday stopped students from sitting for scholarship related examination which was due to be held in Mogadishu: here.

Some of Mogadishu fishermen are still complaining about AMISOM forces saying the AU peackeepers hindered their work at Mogadishu coastline: here.

4 thoughts on “Somali Pentagon allies ban free speech

  1. Border breached by Kenya troops

    SOMALIA: Kenyan troops moved into the country today saying they were “pursuing al-Shabab across the border” after a string of attacks by the Islamist militant group.

    The move did not appear to be co-ordinated with Somalia’s government, whose spokesman Abdirahman Omar Osman said that he welcomed logistical support from “our Kenyan brothers” but insisted that “sending troops is not needed” as the army was already tackling the Islamists.


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