33 thoughts on “‘Priest raped, murdered Dutch little girl’, Vatican covered up

  1. Pair reach Vatican in protest march

    VATICAN: Two Italians who say they were sexually abused by priests have completed a 340-mile protest march to the Vatican and demanded an independent inquiry.

    The trek from Savona in northern Italy to St Peter’s Square took 19 days.

    Francesco Zanardi and Alberto Sala arrived in Vatican City today, where they were denied an audience with the Pope.

    They handed over a letter demanding the Italian bishops’ conference open the inquiry into priestly sex abuse and draft norms requiring paedophiles be defrocked “without exception.”


  2. Australia goes to bat for 1902 pair

    Australia: The government said today that it would tell Britain that two Australian soldiers executed in 1902 for war crimes in South Africa were denied fair trials.

    The British government rejected a petition in June to pardon Lieutenants Harry Morant and Peter Handcock.

    The attorney general is preparing a submission outlining defects in the court-martial.



    The right-wing American Family Association (AFA) victimizes women twice when it comes to the violence and profound emotional trauma of being raped.

    The AFA is vigorously supporting voter approval next week of a Mississippi State constitutional amendment to recognize fertilized eggs as “persons,” thus making abortion – and even certain birth control methods – an act of murder.

    In an AFA email for their online newsletter, OneNewsNow.com, there is a link for a story exclaiming: “Rape no excuse for abortion.” Clicking on the story, one meets Ashley Sigrest of Brandon, Mississippi, who was raped and had an abortion, which she now regrets, 13 years ago. Sigrest held a news conference, at which she stated, according to the AFA:

    “My rape was nothing compared to what I did to my child,” she stated to the gallery. “What my rapist did to me does not compare to what I chose to do to my baby … out of shame, out of guilt, out of fear because of what a man did to me. Rape is no excuse for abortion….”

    As for the rapist, Sigrest says she prays for him every day. And when asked how she will vote on the amendment next Tuesday? “I am going to vote yes – very proudly and very loudly – on 26 [the number of the ballot initiative].”

    It is important to remember that allowing a women – the victim of rape, incest, or otherwise – to have an abortion did not in any way prevent Sigrest from having borne the child that was conceived as the result of a heinous crime. That was and is her choice right now in the State of Mississippi and throughout the United States.

    But the Mississippi constitutional amendment would forbid victims of rape who do not want to bear a rapist’s child from aborting the violently forced pregnancy.

    According to the Feminist Majority Foundation:

    “The implications are staggering. By giving constitutional rights to a fertilized egg, the amendment could ban emergency contraception, birth control pills and IUDs as well as all abortions, even in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the woman or girl. It could eliminate medical choices for women, such as some cancer treatments or in vitro fertilization. It could allow the state to investigate and even prosecute a woman for a miscarriage. Undoubtedly it would lead to many court cases.”

    The amendment is so egregious that even the conservative, heavily anti-abortion Gov. of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, is expressing his “concerns” about the implications of the initiative.

    Legalizing “personhood and constitutional rights for a fertilized egg” is taking away those rights from women.

    No one forced Sigrest to have an abortion. It was her own personal choice, as it should be.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout

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