Anti-Wall Street protests continue

Occupy Everything from socially_awkwrd on Vimeo.

This is a video about the Occupy Wall Street movement in the USA.

USA: Over 700 anti-Wall Street protesters were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge by the New York Police Department on Saturday afternoon: here.

On Friday over 3,000 people marched to New York Police Department headquarters to protest the over 80 arrests and pepper-spraying of unresisting demonstrators the week before. Dominating the march were large numbers of young people whose futures have been gravely undermined by the economic crisis and the response of the political elite to it. The World Socialist Web Site spoke to a number of them: here.

Channelling Marie Antoinette, Wall Street’s finest sip champagne & chuckle at the protests: here.

Occupy Wall Street is a peaceful stand against the big American rip-off. Support it and regain your dignity: here.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Remain Defiant After Brooklyn Bridge Arrests (PHOTOS): here.

Vdeo: Why the media won’t cover the #OccupyWallStreet protests (funny): here.

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    Occupy Wall Street Live Feed

    Monday, October 3 at 5:00pm, City Hall – New York City: Emergency Protest To End Police Arrests on Occupy Wall St.

    Wednesday, October 5 at 4:00pm – 7:00pm: NYU Student Walk Out in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street
    We will meet in the middle of Washington Square Park and march together to City Hall, where we’ll join the Community/Labor March in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, endorsed by dozens of NYC unions and community groups including the United Federation of Teachers, SEIU 32BJ and SEIU 1199, the Transit Workers Union Local 100, Make the Road New York, New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts, the Alliance for Quality Education, and more!

    Wednesday, October 5 at 4:30pm: COMMUNITY/LABOR MARCH TO WALL ST.
    Union workers and community members impacted by the economic crisis have been demanding that Wall Street and the wealthiest New Yorker’s pay their fair share of taxes. Let’s march down to Wall Street to welcome the protesters and show the faces of New Yorkers hardest hit by corporate greed.

    Busted on Brooklyn Bridge
    [From The Occupied Wall Street Journal] What is occurring on Wall Street right now is remarkable. For over two weeks, in the great cathedral of capitalism, the dispossessed have liberated territory from the financial overlords and their police army. They have created a unique opportunity to peacefully shift the tides of history like the sit-down strikes of the 1930s, the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the democratic uprisings across the Arab world and Europe today.

    Declaration of the Occupation of New York City | NYC General Assembly
    As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power.

    For Police, Another Protest Brings Another Overreaction
    The encampment in Zuccotti Park is likely to remain indefinitely. At this point, any attempt on the part of the police to close things down could only result in the resurrection of Emma Goldman. Brookfield Properties, the developer that owns the land and offers it for public use, is presumably sending few notes of gratitude to the police. In a statement, a spokesman said the company was “extremely concerned with the conditions that have been created by those currently occupying the park,” and was “actively working with the City of New York to address these conditions and restore the park to its intended purpose.” Good luck with that.

    Occupy Wall Street: Police Arrest 700 on Brooklyn Bridge [PHOTOS]
    Nearly 700 Occupy Wall Street protestors were arrested during a march on Saturday in New York City.

    National Nurses United Statement in Support of the actions in New York | Nation
    September 30, 2011National Nurses United (NNU), the nation’s largest registered nurses union and professional association, representing 170,000 direct care RNs, stands in support of, and in solidarity with, the ongoing street protests and rallies.

    LENIN’S TOMB: First we take Manhattan
    To put it in what will sound like uncharitable terms, it is baby-steps, the experimental form of a movement in its infancy, not yet sufficiently developed theoretically or politically to be anything else. There is a sort of loose autonomism informing its tactics, while its focus on participatory democracy is redolent of the SDS wing and the Sixties ‘New Left’, but it is not yet definite enough to be reducible to any dominant strategy or perspective. It is, however, potentially the nucleus of a mass movement, and how it relates to the problems addressed by both reformists and revolutionaries now will make all the difference in the future.

    Occupy Together
    Yes, over 100 cities in the United States have joined the Occupy Movement. Check out this page to plug into your area. Please be true to the name and take over space and Occupy! Even for a few hours.

    Needs of the Occupiers list | Occupy Los Angeles
    To our wonderful supporters who would like to donate supplies, You can drop them off at City Hall Spring Street steps today 10/2, or you can send it to our new mailbox! 🙂 For a working list of needs of the occupiers, please click on our forum link: Our mailbox address: ~ The UPS Store, ATTN: OccupyLA, 645 W. 9th Street, Unit 110-953, Los Angeles, CA 90015. Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support!

    Thousands March in Boston, 24 Arrested
    The group calling itself “Occupy Wall Street” said on its website that it staked its ground in downtown Manhattan “as a symbolic gesture of our discontent with the current economic and political climate.” “We are all races, sexes and creeds. We are the majority. We are the 99 percent. And we will no longer be silent,” it said, expressing “solidarity” with protesters in Boston.

    CTV Toronto- Wall Street occupation inspires Canadian protesters – CTV News
    CTV Toronto – Inspired by protesters along Wall Street and in other U.S. cities, hundreds are expected to occupy Toronto’s Bay Street in two weeks to air their various grievances against the financial system and its wealthiest companies.

    Thousands Attend Funeral Of Executed Convict Troy Davis
    Thousands of people packed a church in Georgia Saturday for the funeral of Troy Davis, who was executed for the murder of a police officer in a case that drew world attention because of claims by his advocates that he was innocent.,0,2952889.story

    Protesters mass in Manchester as Conservative conference begins
    Around 30,000 people join march against government cuts, as Tory minister Lady Warsi defends deficit reduction strategy.


  2. Bail Out the People Movement / 55 W. 17th St. 5 C., NYC, New York 10011
    Phone: 212-633-6646 / / donate / sign petition
    Drop All Charges on the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Arrestees!
    Stop Police Attacks & Arrests! Support ‘Occupy Wall Street’!

    SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION AT to send email messages to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NYC City Council, NYPD, the NY Congressional Delegation, Congressional Leaders, the NY Legislature, President Obama, Attorney General Holder, members of the media YOU WANT ALL CHARGES DROPPED ON THE ‘OCCUPY WALL STREET ARRESTEES!
    IN NYC, DEMONSTRATE on MONDAY OCTOBER 3 at 5 PM at New York City Hall – 250 Broadway at Park Place, Manhattan and on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5 join the Community Labor March to Wall St./Zuccotti Park – gather at 4:30 pm Gather at City Hall – 250 Broadway
    AROUND THE COUNTRY, Solidarity Occupations have begun in over 100 cities! Find the one near you at

    Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

    Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge – Photograph: Mario Tama/Getty Images

    The arrest of over 700 people on Saturday, Oct 1 on the Brooklyn Bridge by the New York City Police Department is an outrage and an injustice. Numerous videos clearly show top NYPD police officials actually leading the demonstration on to the roadway of the bridge, not the pedestrian walkway. Then they blocked further movement and started arresting hundreds of activists. This is entrapment.

    A loose network of organizations and individuals called the occupation named “Occupy Wall Street”. It started 15 days ago. It has no ending date. No one knows how long it will last. But it is now attracting growing and enthusiastic mass support giving voice to the widespread hatred of the banks.

    The protesters are opposing the domination by the top banks and corporations of every aspect of life in the U.S. today. The only interest of the banks is in maximizing profits, not in meeting people’s needs in the U.S. or anywhere in the world. The protesters are mostly youth, who have heroically congregated by the tens of thousands to “occupy Wall Street” protesting the authority of a small elite over the rest of humanity, “the 99%.”

    They have been met with brutality, harassment, and oppression for the crime of raising their voices and fighting for justice.

    This brutality is just another instance of the NYPD’s usual standard behavior. The racist murders of Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo, the brutal attacks on all kinds of peaceful protestors from centuries ago, to the police attacks on the demonstrators just one week prior to the October 1 mass arrests, the hundreds of thousands of “stop and frisk” searches on youth of color, and the efforts to attack immigrant workers, all show who the NYPD serves to protect, from whom they recieve their orders.

    We demand that those arrested be immediately released, and that all charges be dropped. We also demand that the NYPD pay reparations to all those they unjustly arrested.

    The most violent criminals on this earth are not those protesting Wall Street, but those who sit on Wall Street, and own the world’s wealth. In their ruthless drive for greater profits, lower pay and to keep us divided they foment racism, sexism and LGBT bigotry and attacks on immigrants and Muslims. They close thousands of industries and lay off millions of workers here in order to pay 1/10 the wages in oppressed countries abroad. While speaking empty words of democracy they occupy and bomb countries and carry out drone attacks, while shutting down protests here. They profit from endless wars, militarism, environmental destruction, millions of foreclosed homes and the largest prison system in the world.

    The youth, rallying against them, and crying for justice are heroes and should not be subject to harassment, arrests, and other abuses for their righteous actions.

    Emergency protests are called for Monday 5pm at NYC City Hall against the mass arrests and on Wednesday, Oct 5 a mass labor rally of support for Occupy Wall Street.






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