Good Welsh coastal bird news

This video from Wales is called Avocet – WWT Llanelli (Penclacwydd).

From Wildlife Extra:

Birds flock to restored coast at Llanelli

Saline habitats some of the rarest in the UK

September to 2011: Three newly-restored coastal lagoons at WWT National Wetland Centre Wales in Carmarthenshire have attracted hundreds of waterbirds so far this autumn.

In addition to the great numbers, some rarities such as great white egret and spoonbill have thrilled staff and visitors, as have the kingfishers which are seen most days.

The lagoons fill with seawater on particularly high tides and have been restored to help wetland wildlife such as black-tailed godwits, whimbrel, curlew, redshank, greenshank, spotted redshank and little egret.

A lot more birds than usual

Nigel Williams, centre manager at WWT National Wetland Centre Wales said: ‘A lot more birds than usual have been using the lagoons. In restoring them we are now able to control the water levels so the lagoons have become very attractive to a wide variety of waterfowl and waders – in fact, it’s perfect for them.

‘Over the next few weeks we will see them filling up even more as migrant ducks return from across the world making for a wonderful winter spectacle.’

The WWT reserve is home to communities of rare wildlife, such as the scarlet tiger moth, and has populations of at least seven UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority bird species, including grasshopper warblers and curlew.

Saline lagoons have become one of the rarest habitats in the UK, particularly in Wales. The specialised salt-tolerant invertebrates, which attract the feeding birds, have suffered as result.

Last Monday we had news from Mike Marsh of what seems to be the first Polish ringed Kingfisher ever controlled in the UK: here.

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