Economic crisis, European workers fight back

The German Bundestag (parliament) ratified on Thursday the expansion of the European bailout fund aimed at ensuring the banks and financial institutions threatened by state insolvency: here.

This week the focus of attention in the unending Eurozone crisis saga has been Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel’s right-wing coalition was facing a crucial parliamentary vote on the Eurozone’s multi-billion euro rescue fund that needs approval from the single currency’s 17 governments: here.

Greek public-sector workers lock out international financial inspectors. Surprise sit-ins start with civil servants declaring that they had taken over six ministries early this morning: here. And here.

England: STRIKING teachers at Kingsbury High School in north-west London were joined on the picket line by parents and students yesterday morning as they showed that they were not prepared to accept the school being turned into an Academy: here.

British electricians' demonstration

CONSTRUCTION site electricians stepped up their campaign on Wednesday to defend pay and conditions against a brutal onslaught by a ‘cartel’ of contractors to smash them up: here.

HUNDREDS of electricians blockaded Oxford Street in central London yesterday morning, against the major attack by a ‘cartel’ of contractors who have declared they intend to tear up the JIB (Joint Industry Board) national agreement from 7th December and slash pay by 35%: here.

165,000 teachers throughout France took to the streets Tuesday in opposition to the government policy of reducing the number of teaching posts: here.

Hundreds of doctors at university medical clinics in Germany staged a series of two-hour strikes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, in a long-running dispute over pay and conditions: here.

There is growing popular opposition in Italy to the austerity policies being implemented by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi: here.

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