Bahrain dictatorship’s violence, video

From EA WorldView:

Bahrain Video: The Police Attacks on the Women and Men of Sanabis (France 24)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 11:11 | Scott Lucas

France 24, picking up on the story of the Bahrain demonstrations, offers vivid first-hand testimony and video of attacks by security forces last Friday in Sanabis, near the capital Manama. The incidents occurred as protesters were trying to reach Pearl Roundabout/Martyrs Square, the symbolic centre of the challenge to the regime from mid-February.

Both of the events — alleged police assaults on chador-clad women and the burning of buildings in Sanabis — have been covered here on EA, but France 24 has additional video that we have not posted, as the well as the accounts of the woman and man who claim first-hand knowledge.

Bahrain Sentences Protester to Death: here.

Bahrain sentences medics who treated protesters: here.

Bahrain Imprisons Doctors for Treating Protesters. The key U.S. ally sends more than a dozen doctors and their staffs to prison: here.

Bahrain’s military tribunal sentenced health professionals to up to 15 years in prison today for treating people who were injured in the Saudi-backed crackdown on civil rights protests in March: here.

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