Sarkozy’s police attacks Roma

This video from the European Parliament says about itself:

Joe Higgins MEP explains why he voted in favour of the resolution condemning French President Nicolas Sarkozy for his racist policies of scapegoating and deporting people from the Roma minority in France. (09-09-10).

Some 160 French police descended on a campsite in Marseilles at the crack of dawn on Tuesday and rounded up an equal number of Roma people in an operation human rights groups slammed as “aggressive”: here.

French president’s associates charged in “Karachigate” scandal: here.

Anti-Roma racism in Hungary: here.

England: Dale Farm families wrongfooted Basildon council today by applying for the site’s front gates to be placed on the Heritage list: here.

Dale Farm families returned to London’s High Court yet again today – but a presiding judge warned that the travellers could not expect to win every time: here.

Battle for future of Dale Farm nears critical point: here.

‘FULL CLEARANCE OF DALE FARM IS NOT ENFORCEABLE’ – say campaigners following High Court hearing: here.

19 thoughts on “Sarkozy’s police attacks Roma

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