Economic crisis, workers resist

A new ILO/OECD report warns of an entrenched global jobs crisis as “the recovery appears to have come close to a halt” in the major G20 economies: here.

With the major powers lurching back into recession, governments on both sides of the Atlantic are planning a new bailout of the banks: here.

European Commission president Jose Barroso threw his weight behind a financial transactions tax yesterday that could raise around €57 billion (£49bn) a year for Brussels to shore up the eurozone: here.

Roubini: US economy contracting: here.

A Consumer Reports study found that nearly half of all Americans prescribed medications forego them for financial reasons: here.

Rich Getting Richer in Ontario, Canada: here.

The first budget delivered by the majority Scottish National Party administration in Edinburgh set out pay cuts, job losses and further erosion of social services between now and 2015: here.

This video from London, England says about itself:

11 September 2011

Every Wednesday, sparks are holding huge demos to build for strike action outside major building sites in London, Manchester and now Newcastle too. 8 major building companies have withdrawn from a national agreement, attacking terms and conditions and planning paycuts of up to 35%. This demo is at The Shard, London Bridge, on the 7th; next one in London, Olympic site, 14th September, 6:30am – 8am, Pudding Mill Lane station.

Protests are erupting across the UK against plans by major building contractors to cut electricians’ wages by up to 35 percent: here.

Public-sector staff launched a 24-hour strike in Greece yesterday after all 154 ruling Socialist Party MPs pushed through a new annual property tax that will be collected through electricity bills: here.

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