Grebe and gull feeding offspring

On 26 September, the “Baillon’s crake reserve” again.

A great cormorant on the top of the windmill.

On the southern lake, male and female gadwall ducks and male and female teal.

In the northern part of that lake, an adult great crested grebe feeds its chick with a small fish.

Near the bridge, a magpie on a cow’s back.

A group of both jackdaws and rooks.

This is a rook video.

The adult Egyptian goose at its usual spot. Its five goslings are now nearly their parents’size, and have already green and white wing spots, but not yet the adult head colours.

A great tit in the tree where months ago I saw a greenfinch.

In the northern lake: shoveler ducks. Lapwings.

An adult lesser black-backed gull. Its two chicks can already fly, but still beg for food. As their parent gives it to them, about ten black-headed gulls and a moorhen around the black-backed trio try to get some of the food.

A snipe, making its “etch, etch” sound flies over the lake.

A male common pochard, in the second canal west of the railway.

Goldfinches in a tree near the southern lake.

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