Bahrain dictatorship keeps oppressing its people

This video says about itself:

A woman describes how the police assaulted her sexually in Bahrain.

USA: Obama administration sells Bahrain monarchy $53 million in arms as false praise of democratic progress continues: here.

Torture fears for Bahraini women and girls in detention: here.

Bahrain Gov’t Forces Beat Women, Girls in Crackdown: here.

A 24-year-old Filipina employee at a hotel in Bahrain was allegedly abducted, gang raped, and robbed by three men. According to the woman’s lawyer, results from a rape test kit matched the DNA of the men identified as her attackers. All three men have denied the charges: here.

Bahrain Offers Women No Protection from Spousal Rape: here.

Protesters in Bahrain have refused to succumb to repression and continue to take to the streets to fight for freedom: here.

Bahrain military court to rule on appeal of jailed opposition activists: here.

Bahrain: Teachers’ union leaders jailed: here.

Bahrain upholds prison sentences for protesters, agency reports: here.

Bahrain protester convictions upheld at sham military trial: here.

Military Trial Verdicts Expose Bahrain’s Lack of Interest in Reform: here.

YEMEN – Third journalist killed since start of protests: here.

12 thoughts on “Bahrain dictatorship keeps oppressing its people

  1. 40 women arrested over Bahrain vote protest: opposition

    27-Sep-11, 3:06 AM | Agence France-Presse

    DUBAI – More than 40 Bahraini women were arrested and beaten by security forces for protesting against parliamentary by-elections, the main Shiite opposition group Al-Wefaq said in a statement Monday.

    “More than 40 Bahraini women were savagely arrested… in a commercial center where they were beaten,” it said.

    “Seven minors aged between 12 and 15 were among them,” the statement said, quoting their lawyers, adding that they were “beaten and humiliated.”

    Al-Wefaq called for the immediate release of the women, said they had only been expressing their “right to freedom of expression,” and called their treatment “savage and inhumane.”

    The group said clerics from the Shiite-majority kingdom ruled by a Sunni dynasty staged a protest sit-in on Monday in a Shiite suburb of the capital Manama.

    The women were arrested on Friday a day before the by-elections boycotted by the opposition to replace 18 Shiite MPs who quit the parliament in protest over the violence used against demonstrators in February.

    A second round of voting in the by-elections will be held on Saturday in nine constituencies, the authorities announced on Sunday.


  2. Amnesty fears Bahraini women and girls tortured

    September 27, 2011 10:59 AM


    DUBAI: A group of 38 women and seven girls arrested last week during a protest against Bahrain’s parliamentary by-elections have reportedly been tortured or ill-treated, Amnesty International said.

    “They were apprehended without lawyers present and some of them reportedly tortured or otherwise ill-treated,” the London-based advocacy group said in a statement late on Monday.

    The Bahraini authorities have “patently denied these women and girls their rights after rounding them up at a Manama shopping centre,” Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa said in the statement.

    Luther further called on the Bahraini authorities to allow the detainees access to their lawyers and visits with their families — basic rights which it said have been denied the detainees.

    The women’s lawyers, who had a brief encounter with a few of the detainees in the hallways of the Public Prosecution Office, told Amnesty that some of the women bore visible signs of bruising.

    Nour al-Ghasla, 20, one of the detainees, “had bruises on her face apparently from ill-treatment in custody,” the Amnesty statement said.

    Bahrain’s main Shiite opposition group, Al-Wefaq, said in a Monday statement that the seven girls were “minors aged between 12 and 15 years” and they too were “beaten and humiliated.”

    The women were arrested on Friday, a day before by-elections boycotted by the opposition to replace 18 Shiite MPs who quit parliament in protest over violence used against pro-democracy protesters in February.

    According to Amnesty, the girls remain in custody despite a Bahraini Juvenile court order to release them.

    The official Bahraini news agency Monday night announced the trial of 23 people arrested at the City Centre shopping mall last Friday.

    The statement said the detainees “stand accused of unlicensed rallying, public incitement on regime-hatred and taking part in illegal demonstrations,” but did not specify if the trial was for the women arrested that day.


  3. British bosses arm Bahrain

    In February, Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima, a young Bahraini activist, used social media to organise a protest. The police shot him dead.

    When other Bahrainis camped out in the capital’s square to demand justice for Ali and basic human rights, the police fired on them too. Doctors who treated the injured protesters have been imprisoned and tortured.

    Britain is supposedly a democratic country, yet it sells arms to murderous regimes like the one in Bahrain.

    There is little moral difference between people who knowingly sell arms to these killers and the actual killers themselves.

    Mark Richards, Newcastle-under-Lyme


  4. Sentences upheld for rights activists

    Bahrain: A military tribunal upheld sentences today for 21 activists convicted for helping to organise civil rights protests, including eight prominent political figures given life terms.

    The state-run Bahrain News Agency said the tribunal backed the verdicts, which were issued in June. International rights groups have denounced the judgements.

    The activists include eight well-known political figures sentenced to life in prison after being charged with trying to topple the US-backed Gulf kingdom’s ruling Khalifa clan. Thirteen others received lesser sentences. Some were sentenced in absentia.


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