Bahrain dictatorship jails trade unionists

This video is called Bahraini Unions May Day Message.

From AFP news agency today:

Bahraini court jails Shiite activists

3 hours ago

DUBAI — A Bahraini special court jailed Sunday the head of the teachers’ union for 10 years and his deputy for three, among other Shiites over their role in anti-regime protests, BNA state news agency said.

The verdicts came a day after the kingdom held by-elections boycotted by the Shiite-led opposition to replace 18 Shiite MPs who quit the parliament to protest the violence used against demonstrators in February.

Mahdi Abu Deib and Jalila al-Salman were convicted by the court of national safety of “calling to forcefully overthrow the regime in union statements,” BNA said.

They were also accused of “promoting hatred to the regime and spreading false news,” it added.

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This video is called City center protest Bahrain.

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Human rights campaigners have delivered a thousands-strong petition to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy in London to demand the release of five democracy activists who are facing trial tomorrow: here.

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