World economic crisis, workers fight back

Three years after the Wall Street crash of 2008, finance ministers, central bankers and economists assembled in Washington for the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank present a picture of perplexity and fear as the crisis spins out of control: here.

This video about Greece is called ‘Athens police worse than anything we’ve seen before’.

FRIDAY saw stock markets around the world collapse further, following on from the dramatic slump in shares on Thursday, triggered by fears that the deepening economic crisis in the US is heading for a 1930s-type slump: here.

Neither the austerity measures nor the latest tranche of the “rescue packet” will resolve the crisis gripping Greece, which faces looming bankruptcy: here.

OVER 5,000 university students and public sector workers held an impressive and militant rally and march in Athens last Thursday against the government’s plans for more barbaric ‘austerity measures’: here.

Greek despair over further cuts sees suicide and crime rates on the rise: here.

Four hundred workers at the Fonderies du Poitou at Ingrandes near Poitiers in central France have been on strike since September 2 against management’s demand that salaries be slashed by 23 percent: here.

UBS jobs in peril as CEO quits over alleged rogue trader scandal: here.

Australia: Mounting job losses in basic industry: here.

Thousands of nurses and hospital staff across California went on a one-day strike to protest against cuts in pensions and health care demanded by the Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance and Hospital conglomerate: here.

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