Economic crisis, but not for the rich

Rich-poor gap, cartoon

The wealth of the richest 400 Americans increased 12 percent over the past year, while new census figures document a shocking increase in the level of poverty in cities and communities throughout the country: here.

46M Americans who earn less than $50g/year pay higher tax rate than 43,000 millionaires: here.

Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee assembly plant, notorious for paying its entire production workforce $14.50 an hour, is now starting new-hires at $12: here.

World stock markets slumped sharply on Thursday following reports indicating a slide into recession in Europe and the US, together with a rapid slowing of growth in Asian markets: here.

Tens of thousands of Greek public transport workers, teachers, civil servants and air traffic controllers walked off the job Thursday to protest the latest round of austerity measures announced by the PASOK government: here.

Poll: 62% believe Greek Gov. Not Authorized to Take Austerity Measures: here.

‘We Won’t Pay’: Greece‘s Middle Class Revolt against Austerity: here.

A delegation of Colombian trade unionists from the affiliates and friends of WFTU in Colombia held a protest outside the embassy of Spain in Bogota under the International Day of Solidarity with the Greek people, called by the WFTU Colombia Team worldwide on September 22, 2011: here.

Like its counterparts around the world, the ruling Democratic Party of Japan is imposing the burdens of the worsening global economic crisis onto the backs of working people: here.

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