Bahrain fights on for democracy

This is a video of women in Bahrain today confronting the dictatorship‘s riot police.

From the Toronto Star in Canada:

West ignoring Yemen, Bahrain

Published On Thu Sep 22 2011

Re: ‘Stop this massacre,’ Yemeni doctor begs, Sept. 20

My thoughts and prayers are with the Yemeni people who are still fighting for a more democratic country after eight long months. Do we need more innocent people dying for the international media to focus on the country?

I am disgusted, yet not surprised, at the Saudi Arabia’s support of dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh. After all, only a brutal regime can offer protection to a dictator.

Saudi Arabia’s king clearly continues to support the bloodsucking tyrant regime of Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, therefore denying the peaceful protestors their freedom and basic human rights. The Bahraini revolution has been going on for the past seven months now. Yet, just like Yemen, the West is turning a blind eye to their continuous struggle.

Sukeina Bhimji, Richmond Hill

President Ali Abdullah Saleh was greeted by mass protests and street battles today as he made a surprise return to Yemen: here.

Saleh Return Prompts Fears of More Bloodshed: here.

Tensions escalate as Yemen’s president returns: here.

Washington, DC –The United States Government must break its silence on Bahrain and condemn today’s ongoing violent attacks on peaceful protestors, said Human Rights First: here.

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