Springbok born in Amsterdam zoo

This is a French language video on springboks.

Artis zoo in Amsterdam in the Netherlands reports that for the first time since 2003, a baby springbok was born there this month.

The springboks of Artis live in the “Africa savanna” part of the zoo, together with giraffes, oryx and zebras.


Many birds died with the dinosaurs

This video from Canada is called Diving Birds in the Prairies: Late Cretaceous Hesperornithiformes.

From the BBC today:

Many early bird species suffered from the same catastrophic extinction as the dinosaurs, new research has shown.

The meteorite impact that coincided with the disappearance of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, also saw a rapid decline in primitive bird species.

Only a few bird groups survived through the mass extinction, from which all modern birds are descended.

Researchers at Yale University have published their findings in PNAS this week.

Norwegian women punk rockers Katzenjammer

This video from Norway is called Katzenjammer performs live “Ain`t no thang”.

By Jack Carr in Britain:


The Water Rats, London WC1

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Norwegian all-female four-piece Katzenjammer are a refreshing anomaly in an arid landscape of zero-effort poseur punk.

They formed— as so many truly original groups have — on a spontaneous ethic of relishing music for its own reward and an unconceited regard for the childish joys of performance.

And cartoons.

And they can really wail.

Having just smashed an armful of British festivals to pieces they find themselves in this surprisingly unimpressive hole in the fabric of King’s Cross, playing to an audience of deep-voiced lads.

They manage to grunt and gurgle through a set that may be remembered as fondly as any of the early Sex Pistols’, apparently under the impression that the girls are here to provide wallpaper with tits.

But it is they who are the fools.

The girls’ razor-sharp, dry wit and stunning instrumental familiarity form a diamond-tipped point which laser-guides their incredible Abba-tinged gypsy-punk even deeper into the gaping mouth of a whooping audience.

Jumping between instruments with a bewildering fury, they offer well over an hour of indefinable fusion ranging from crushed folkbilly and faeryland devil-sweetened hymns to queer, heavenly four-part vocal harmony.

Captivating, confidently camp and utterly thrilling, don’t ever miss a chance to see Katzenjammer.