Poetesses under-represented in Britain

This is a video from the USA on female poets.

From Women’s Views on News:

No female poets for Waterstones

Posted on 17 September 2011

Jane Osmond
WVoN co-editor

On September 4th, WVoN reported that WH Smith has, after receiving a direct appeal by two female customers, agreed to remove all reductive lables to ‘women’s fiction’ at points of sale from next month.

In another example of gender silos, it seems that the staff at a Waterstones bookstore in the West Midlands have found it difficult to recognise that female poets exist.

According to one of our regular readers, Sarah (who works for the wonderful CRASAC), the store has a poetry promotion on at the moment, “3 shelves, 3 books promoted on each; 9 male poets”.

Sarah asks: “Is it me?”

No Sarah, it isn’t you.

However I will also ask this – is it me?

Now that I write for WVoN, I see everything through a ‘gendered lens’ and I have to say far too often I see the male gender being overrepresented.

How about you? Please do let us have examples of similar gender imbalance that you have come across.

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