Kenyan African wild dogs video

This video says about itself:

September 2011. During a stay in Kenya’s Naboisho Conservancy, immediately north of the Masai Mara, the Holt family had the privilege of seeing a pack of 14 wild dogs (4 adults and 10 juveniles). These superb hunters are very rarely seen, though sightings are once again becoming more common on the fringes of the Mara.

Looking at nature makes you smarter: here.

4 thoughts on “Kenyan African wild dogs video

  1. Cattle vs. wildlife
    The first direct measurements of how Kenya’s storied wildlife affects the growth of cattle that share with them savanna grazing land finds both the expected downside and an unexpected upside. Livestock managers widely assume that wildlife competes with livestock for resources, say Wilfred Odadi of Kenya’s Mpala Research Centre and his colleagues. To test that assumption, the researchers monitored weight gain and other measures of cattle health on the savanna. A wildlife-linked dip did appear in the dry season, but a wildlife assist boosted cattle growth during the wet season. Actual data should inform tense conservation debates, the international research team says in the Sept. 23 Science. —Susan Milius


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