Bahrain keeps fighting for democracy

This video is called Violent response to Bahrain protest.

By James Miller:

Bahrain Special: New Martyrs, New Protests, New Crackdown

Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 23:18

I remember when I read my first article about protests in Bahrain. It was short: in the second paragraph, the author said that the King of Bahrain was going to give the people of his country more than $2650 per family. The conclusion was that it was highly unlikely that protests would catch on.

It’s hard to be more wrong.

Bahrain Boils Under the Lid of Repression: here.

Bahrain: Another death due to teargas suffocation and family held by police for seeking medical care: here.

Bahrain: Released detainees, including athletes, are summoned for trials: here.

Bahrain Propaganda 101: How a US PR Firm Puts “News” in American Newspapers (Whitaker): here.

Bahrain: Robbery at gunpoint and vandalism: crimes systematically committed against pro-democracy citizens: here.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry is said to be working to prevent the Bahraini Shiite Opposition from communicating directly with the Arab League. The following 313-word report sheds light on the subject and tells what about the Saudi activities within the Arab League. It also tells about the Saudi efforts to limit the activities of the Bahraini Shiite opposition groups in the Arab world and abroad.

The Revolutions Were Tweeted: Information Flows During the 2011 Revolutions | here.

Yemeni troops wound 12 protesters: here.

Egypt anti-emergency law protests planned: here.

Former Egypt official says Mubarak ordered shooting of protesters: here.

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