Gold miners on strike

This is a video about the Grasberg mine.

US mining giant Freeport-McMoran reeled today as workers at its Grasberg mine in Indonesia started a month-long strike over pay – one day after miners at the company’s Cerro Verde mine in Peru began indefinite strike action: here.

Protesters in Peru lifted their road blockade of Latin America’s biggest gold mine on Tuesday in order to begin government-backed talks with the mine’s owners, the mayor of the affected district said: here.

On Friday evening the fourth of four coal miners who had been trapped underground at the private Gleision colliery, near Cilybebyll, in the Swansea valley, south Wales was declared dead, after the pit was flooded: here.

5 thoughts on “Gold miners on strike

  1. Talks over miners’ pay grind to a halt

    INDONESIA: Two days of government mediation between mining firm Freeport-McMoran and striking workers at its Grasberg mine ended in failure today.

    Union spokesman Juli Parorongan accused the company of “a lack of good faith” during the talks and said they had merely reiterated previously rejected offers.

    About 90 per cent of the mine’s 12,000 employees have been on strike since September 15 demanding a pay increase to bring their wages into line with Freeport’s workers in other countries.


  2. West Papua Freeport mine workers’ strike enters third week

    Over 9,000 striking workers at the giant Freeport McMoRan Grasberg gold and copper mine in the Indonesian province of West Papua remain on strike after government mediation failed. Workers walked off the job on September 15 to demand a pay increase of between $US17.50 and $43 an hour—up from the current $1.50 to $3.50 hourly rate—to bring them into line with Freeport mine workers in other countries.

    A negotiator for the Freeport Indonesia’s Labor Union said the company had refused to go beyond its first offer of a 22 percent rise over a two-year agreement. The union ended a nine-day strike in July after the company agreed to begin talks on a pay rates and hear allegations of mistreatment by some managers.

    The Freeport mine has some of the world’s richest gold reserves and is the highest single taxpayer to the Indonesian government. About 700 paramilitary police have been mobilised to support the company, which has threatened to use outsourced workers to break the strike.


  3. 4 October 2011

    Peruvian mineworkers strike again after talks fail

    Following the breakdown of last-minute negotiations, workers at southern Peru’s Cerro Verde copper mine stopped work on September 29. It was the third time in September that the workers had walked off the job. The strike involves about 1,200 workers.

    The primary issue is the company’s offer of a one-time bonus of 2,800 soles (US$1,010) per worker, which would be contingent on a no-strike pledge until January. The workers want a 7 to 9 percent raise instead, a proposal that the company has refused to consider. The raise would represent about 350 soles (US$126) per month.

    Another point of contention is Cerro Verde’s insistence on the collective bargaining contract being in effect for three years. The workers want the contract to be valid for one year.

    The government of recently elected president Ollanta Humala has declared the strike legal, a ruling that Cerro Verde has appealed. According to Peruvian labor law, a company cannot hire replacements during a legal strike.


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